Saturday, June 1, 2013

Homemade Korean Kimchi

I love to eat. :P
After so long. Is time to post one post for the year of 2013.
I am a korean fans but not crazy for the  kpop artists. I just.... just...  fall in love with the korean foods and love their cultures. Of course I wish to go korean in future. Maybe next year? Hehe get excited whenever think about it. (Daydreaming ....) :D

Somehow, I wish to cook some mouth watering korean dishes to serve my family members. As in my hometown there's very few korean restaurant in town. Not difficult to cook just that not easy to get those korean ingredients that I needed.
Last month my friends and I went to ampang for nice korean food. After the lunch, we wandered around and found that's actually few korean grocery stores there. I bought some korean chili powder, korean noodles, seaweed and etc. 

Since I got public holiday for wesak day so planned to do the korean kimchi with all the ingredients I bought. I had tried once last year, the taste was totally different from what we normally eat in korean restaurant. The kimchi paste I used was bought from singapore by my cousin sister. The ready-to-used paste from korea which is more convenience to make kimchi.
I am going to share out the recipe for making the nice korean kimchi. You will feel amazed after you taste it. 

Ingredient (A) : Napa cabbage for 2 and 1/2 cups of salt  

Ingredient (B) : For porridge :

  •  1/2 cups of sweet rice flour
  •  1/4 cups of sugar and 3 cups of water
Ingredient (C) :

  • 1 cups of fish sauce
  • 4-6 cups of hot pepper flakes
  • 1 cups of fresh minced garlic
  • 1 tbsp of minced ginger
  • 1 pear (juice)
  • 1 medium sized onion (minced) 
  • 3 stalks of green onion (2 inches-size)
  • 2 cups of asian chives (2 inches-size) 
  • 2 cups of matchstick-cut radish 
  • 1 cups of cinchalok (shrimp paste)
  • Some sugar (optional)
For napa cabbageSteps: 

  1. Cut the cabbage in half  and soak into salt water to wash it thoroughly.
  2. Sprinkle salt over each leaf and then set aside for 2 hours.
  3. 2 hours later, turn the cabbage to another side so they get salted evenly.
  4. Another 2 hours later, the cabbage become softer and shrunk into smaller size. 
  5. Then, rinse the cabbage with tap water for at least 3 times. 
* Taste the napa cabbage if too salty wash it for few more times. Before putting the kimchi paste squeeze the cabbage to ensure all the water is coming out. Or else during the fermented process so much of water will be coming out and alter the taste. (Bear in mind!)

For making kimchi paste

  1. Cook the porridge. Mix the sweet rice flour and water together, make sure well mixed. Then cook over small-medium heat and stir it constantly.
  2. When it is started to boil pour the sugar into the porridge and stir it well. Make sure the sugar melt completely and off the fire. Set aside and give some time to cool down.
  3. Place the cold porridge into a bowl. Then add in all ingredients one by one.

Add fish sauce, hot pepper flakes, minced garlic, onion, ginger, green onion, asian chives and radish. Lastly the 2 cups of cinchalok then mix all ingredients well.
    Mix it well!

  1. Wear a disposable plastic gloves to prevent irritating your hands. Spread the kimchi paste onto each leaf of the cabbage then shape it nicely before putting into a sealed plastic container or glass jar.

Put the container at room temperature for 1-2 days (depends on room temperature) until well fermented and keep it in the fridge. 

During the fermentation process you can feel the warmness of the container, some bubble with a lot of liquids and sour smells. That means it is already being fermented. The moment when I open the lid the excitement is there, I feel so satisfied when tasting it. The taste is the same as the kimchi made in korean restaurant. I can eat it with a lot of rice! Have a try then you know how the taste will be.. Let's enjoy it as what I did!
* You can use it to cook kimchi fried rice and kimchi jjigae !

Any thing want to ask me? Drop me a message here or my facebook account :

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Celebrating Brother's Birthday

First time celebrating his birthday in selangor since the day he came here for working.
Normally I will have my semester during the Christmas week. It happens this year right after my semester 5 exam I still have to go for 2 weeks practical.
So as a sister I should grab the chance to go for celebration right? I LOVE CELEBRATION!
Whatever celebration I can think of I will ask my friends to join me :)
He is damn busy only have a little time every sunday night So I chose today 23/12/2012 to hang out with him.

We went one famous Shabu Shabu in town as recommended by my friend and also the bloggers.
I searched the place before I go because everytimes I lost my way to somewhere my brother tends to be very frustrated with me. Make me so nervous and also the feeling of stuck in the highway seriously you feel helpless !

The places located at Puchong.

Restaurant Shabu Shabu
强强滚 回转刷刷锅
No 55 , Jalan Puteri 1/6 ,
Bandar Puteri , Puchong
Selangor Darul Ehsan

We reached there about 7pm luckily not so crowded we still managed to have a seat there.
The price is quite affordable Rm 30 per person including the beverage and ice cream.
There's two type of sauces prepared for customer as in the pictures shown.

The special thing in this restaurant was the foods were presented in a conveyor belt which built in an “U”-shape across the room, with the waiters / waitresses standing inside the enclosed area to serve you and reload the conveyor belt every now and then. The services there consider good they are friendly and efficient. Whatever you want the waiters / waitresses will serve you in a proper manners.
Started with the vege and fishballsssss....Must focus in eating so I didn't take much photo :P

I love prawns... :D

Must eat ITEM : PORK slides xD (So many peoples awating this to be out as it was really juicy and fresh..Saliva drooling )

HEHE Fried fish head I ate a lot :P Fat Fat Fat ...

Can you imagine you sitting there eat and eat only.. Feel like tummy going to burst because we didn't move around to get the foods that we want just like others steamboat restaurant do

Yam ice cream damn nice.It made my day :)

P/s: One thing very funny my brother cook the toko章魚 (not sure what it called) which normally we eat it cold.

He like a kampung boy I laughed gao gao and the soup also become red in color really speechless.

Really enjoy the foods with him..We chit chat a lot since 2 months we didn't meet up.I asked him whether need to buy a cake for him as his birthday cake he said want ice cream cake. I cant get it because it is already 10pm maybe next time if I meet him.
I guess he likes the T shirt we bought although it was not expensive and simple designs but most important is the intention (心意) we want to celebrate together :)

Wish him always happy and healthy. Work hard for future Happy birthday loves :)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Batik Cake

It has been some time I didn't log in to my blog. Today I'm here again to share my recipe. As you all know I'm the person who likes to cook. During my term break or whenever I go back to my home sweet home,IPOH I will become the chef at home. As the feeling of cooking for your loved one is always awesome. I do enjoy it and feel relax while cooking. So enjoy reading and must try the recipe once since it is  so easy to make.

Batik Cake 

Ingredients :     
                          250g Buttercup (or any brand of butter) 
                          4 Eggs 
                          300g Biscuit marie 
                          200g-250g of Milo powder 


                1. Break the Marie biscuit randomly into small pieces. And keep aside.
                2. Put the butter into a plate and submerge it into hot boiling water which on low fire to melt the   buttercup.
                3. Once the butter melted, gradually add in all the eggs one by one and stir it quickly and thoroughly.
                4. Until you get a relatively smooth batter, slowly put in Milo powder and stir it well.
                5. Next, gradually put in all the Marie biscuits into the mixture and mix it well.
                6. Pour the mixture into a baking tray (square,circle or any shape you like) then put it into fridge until it get hardens.
                7. Once it is sets cut it and ENJOY! :)

Look! Temptation right ? :P

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A brand new year 2012

突然有种想写blog的心情 于是我还是毫不犹豫地开始打起字来
特别的是在这个阴天的早上 我用华语来表达我的心情
第一次叻 sorry for those who not understand chinese one >.<
新的一年 新的希望 是这样子 说得一点也没错
自从去了ARP Camp后 脑子里有很多想法 想做个勤劳好学的好学生 想做个孝顺的好孩子 想做个对社会有贡献的人....
想做个有用的人 但 我能做到吗 那还是个未知数..
我很无奈 感觉自己失去人生目标与方向..我该怎么办?
比起中学时期 那懒散爱玩的我 慢慢的改变 我尽量做好自己 做好学生该做的本份 但到最后我得到的又会是什么?
Semester 4了 现在才来否定自己的能力 会不会太迟啊?
很多人都说这一行很适合我 应该会是我的1st choice吧? 我想说可能是 也可能不是..但我喜欢照顾他们
没办法 我真的没有选择的权利..
现在只能尽全力学习如何做到最好 别让自己后悔当初所做的选择..别让当初那些支持与帮助我的长辈朋友们失望..
加油加油咯 朱雪莹 !
希望你所求的能在今年实现..我其中一个愿望就是能多做点义工 即时在未来几个月有时间上的变化 还是不能阻挡我对社会服务那种热诚..朋友们要是哪里有volunteer这份工 可以介绍给我 我想为有需要的人伸出援手 :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I love cooking.....

creamy salty eggs prawn
Nice to eat right?haha..
During my semester break I cook a lot but also eat a lot.
Luckily my weight still the same not much different.
If you likes to cook also can drop me some comments here.
I would like to share my cooking skills and also my favourite recipes with you all =)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Finally, Safe Journey =)

Look!!Traffic congestion.
Finally,I got back home safely.
Girls and guys please don't worry about me I'm in Ipoh now!!
I feel so touched for those who called and text me on last saturday (709 bersih rally).
They are really care about me,actually I felt swt =.=" for that stupid rally.
Why they choose these day to held that convocation?
Because of that assembly I have to stayed overnight at KL Central from 9.30pm (Friday night) till next morning,sleep at the bench and somemore let the 'lovely' mosquitoes bite all over the body.I hate that!! What a 'good' friday night that i never ever encountered before.
These day marked a new record in my life.You know what?
I came back from HTAR,Klang straight away take my shower and eat my dinner after that I thought can have a rest.Before that I read the newspapers it said some of the roads to KL will be block from 12 midnight till next day 10 pm.Our train at 8.45am Saturday means that we have to reach KL Central before 12 midnight but when we heard the areas around Sunway Pyramid started got polices to block car,my friend Joy's parents advise us to change the tickets to 11pm train which is the last train tonight so we go out immediately once finish packing.
We rushed out from Sun-U Hostel to Sunway Pyramid with few luggages,i think mine one contain of approximately 15 kilogram.Walking all the way along to the bus station there.
When reached there it was a bunch of peoples waiting for the bus,traffic congestion at some areas we waited for around 45 minutes only saw one bus going to KL Central,somemore have to squeezed into the bus, felt guilty if hurt anyone at that time.Sorry =(
It took around one and a half hour only reached KL Central,once arrived there we quickly check for any remaining tickets for 11pm train,but unfortunately all sold out (Malaysian no matter malay,indian and chinese all rushing back to Ipoh due to this 709 bersih rally)so we have to wait for 8.45am train.Wait,wait and wait at the end we sit at the bench outside the gate with a young indian lady and a young handsome man from Macau.Nice to meet them LOL.It was a great experiences that we have a chance to sleep overnight at there with different cultures peoples

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Natural Life Cycle

Hmmm,I do feel like wanna post something in my blog.
I feel so moody now recalled back those scenes happened in my ward yesterday,that day I told you all I saw the terminally ill patient was being rescuing in the High Dependency Unit(HDU)?At the end,he had gone peacefully instead of suffering from the pain,sad to heard this news during my morning shift I still saw him lying on the bed as usual.In a sudden his condition became more critical result in all the doctors who following his case came and have a look on his condition.His family members all rushing to the hospital during his critical time.Unfortunately his blood pressure getting low and low,dropping more dramatically until the last pulse totally stop...

"Dying is as natural as living and should be celebrated with the same sense of adventure and welcome as birth. Sadly, many of us have created an unnatural fear of death. And it’s only when we accept that dying is part of our cycle, that we will begin to find peace. " by Father Bill Haymaker

It's weird whenever got patient passed away,the ward will be come uncommonly peaceful,quiet and silence but it is also a good sign to let the patient leave peacefully.I know it’s a common occurrence to see people at the end of their lives, moving between a peaceful calm and an anxious state. There is clearly a struggle in their spirit to live. And it’s a fact that the strength of that spirit is undeniably tied to their struggle to remain on this earthly plain. Even though their physical bodies are failing and damaged beyond our ability to repair, the powerful spirit within that individual – that deep instinct to protect our human shell, fights to accept any kind of quality of life that is offered them.Death is that moment of passing that comes as the spirit acknowledges that these mortal remains are no longer able to sustain its presence. And it is okay to acknowledge this, to accept it as yet another part of our journey.